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A-listers can be used to introduce a brand new brand, break out the cycle of sales stagnancy that had hitherto held the product bound, and dispel nose diving product sales rumors being peddled by rivals. The use of a-listers sometimes includes a effect that is devastating sales where in fact the celebrity endorses one brand name and it is seen utilising the competitor`s, or suffers a major problem in his/her career. If the sole aim of making use of Nigerian a-listers in advertisements to promote the businesses brands, by having a view to reaching the set that is prior product sales profit and also surpassing same happens to be attained, lies coded on the mystical product sales card that the businesses have held securely within their fingers abiding doggedly by the principle of \"for our eyes only\".
Tourists have now been known to see certain sites shown in films and now have gone visiting the places such sites when the scenes had been shot eg the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Disney Land, Tajmahal, Giza pyramids, the fantastic Wall of Asia and the like. The Alnwick castle, Northumberland, film location for Harry potter witnessed an increase that is astronomical visitors from the time it became the film environment for Hogwarts.
Nollywood filmmakers to express the least haven`t capitalized on this aspect. Filming locations are majorly individuals houses, a eateries that are few clothes and add-ons stores. Shots at beaches didn`t capture the essence and beauty of nature synonymous with such spots. In specific, two movies have shot scenes shooting the beauty of waterfalls which created the much desired tourism impact.
AMBO`s \"White Waters\" (directed by Izu Ojukwu and Joke that is starring Silva Rita Dominic and O.C. Ukeje) captured the \"Farin Ruwa water falls\" in Nassarawa state. Kunle Afolayan`s \"The Figurine, araromire\" captured the \"Erin Ijesha water falls\" in Osun state. Both water falls boosted the content that is cinematographic both movies carted away prizes at particular AMAA events.
Nollywood producers should take advantage of different tourism spots to shoot their movies for instance the Obudu cattle ranch, Olumo rock, the Yankari nationwide park, Shere hills, Ikogosi spring that is warm Jos wildlife park, three sisters hill, Idanre hills, Azumini blue river rose, Gurara falls, Oguta lake resort, Agbokim falls, Coconut/ alpha / lekki / eleko/ kuramo/ akode beaches amongst others.
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Movies produced in English can be purchased quickly based as earlier stated on the undeniable fact that they`ve been produced in our lingua franca which majority of Nigerians can comprehend. They`re also exported to many other English speaking African countries, united states and elements of European countries. As a result the viewership base is enormous unlike those stated in native languages. Yoruba films have been on considering that the 70`s / 80`s, but its movies are on a those who find themselves Yoruba indigenes or non-Yorubas who realize the language. Imagine creating a movie for the single tribe as against over 200, certainly just people who can talk the language will buy it, besides, poor subtitling within the movies causes it to be very hard to check out the story line.
Yoruba films have the quantity output that is highest in comparison to movies built in other native languages and follows closely regarding the heels associated with the English speaking ones. Their tales powerfully reflect their culture, conventional thinking and history, which messages would not be efficiently conveyed if manufactured in the English language. The only method they can recover their opportunities and luxuriate in a wider market viewership base while keeping their native language flow is always to ensure good subtitling as observed in Bollywood and Chinese films. Defective subtitling has been the bane regarding the problem as most Yoruba movies (as they are loosely called), have advanced level of subtitling defects including incomplete subtitled dialogues. This easily places down non-indigenes viewing the movies that do maybe not realize the language.
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